Agricultural Sciences
College of Agricultural


Makes proper agricultural training indispensable for the region is the necessity of rebuilding Kurdish rural community

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College of Commerce

Prepares an expert and professional cadre in the different study fields taught at the college, in order to exploit the material and human resources in Kurdistan in best way

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Veterinary Medicine
College of Veterinary


provide appropriate and assorted methods of teaching, laboratory practical work, clinical practicing and research programs to graduate skilled veterinarians concerned with serving animals, people and the environment

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College of Engineering

"Engineering stimulates the mind. Kids get bored easily. They have got to get out and get their hands dirty: make things, dismantle things, fix things. When the schools can offer that, you'll have an engineer for life"

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Administration & Economics
College of Administration &


Develop capacity and abilities to cause an impact on business and economic development

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Law and Politics
College of Law and Politics

Preparing well-skilled and educated individuals to participate in the political sphere and administrative affairs, as an attempt to found the main principles of State of Law and civil society in order

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Language & Humanities
Medical Sciences
Physical & Basic Education
Physical & Basic Education

Preparing balanced and educated personality that is able to do vocational, educational, and national role.

College of Basic Education

College of Physical Education
Science & Education
Science & Education

Endeavors to be the premier source for science education in the Sulaimani local community and the Kurdistan region in general.

College of Science

College of Education
Humanities Education
College of Humanities Education

The main objective beyond the establishment of this faculty is that the students will be prepared well and to be specializing in their fields. It enables and provides them with a great opportunity to get an excellent and appropriate job.

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وەزارەتى خوێندنى باڵا بەهیچ شێوەیەک دژى زمانى کوردى نیە وەزارەتى خوێندنى باڵا بەهیچ شێوەیەک دژى زمانى کوردى نیە
بەهۆى بەهەڵە تێگەیشتن لە بڕیارێکى ئەنجومەنى وەزارەتى خوێندنى باڵا و توێژینەوەى زانستى، ژمارەیەک لە مامۆستایان و نوێنەرى ڕێکخراوەکانى کۆمەڵى مەدەنى خۆپیشاندانێکیان بۆ بەردەم وەزارەتى خوێندنى
مامۆستایەکی زانکۆی سلێمانی کارێکی جیاواز بۆ هەڵەبجە دەکات مامۆستایەکی زانکۆی سلێمانی کارێکی جیاواز بۆ هەڵەبجە دەکات
 مامۆستایەکی بەشی کۆمەڵناسی زانکۆی سلێمانی بەپارچە میوزیکی شاری خامۆش کارێکی جیاواز بۆ هەڵه‌بجە دەکات. چیا فایەق لە لێدوانێکیدا بۆ سایتی زانکۆی سلێمانی ووتی: ساڵانه ‌له کاتی
ئەنجوومەنی زانكۆ كۆبوونەوەو پشووی نەورۆزیشیان دیاریكرد ئەنجوومەنی زانكۆ كۆبوونەوەو پشووی نەورۆزیشیان دیاریكرد
 ئەمڕۆ 3/15 ئەنجوومەنی زانكۆی سلێمانی بە سەرۆكایەتی پرۆفیسۆری یاریدەدەر دكتۆر رەزا حەسەن سەرۆكی زانكۆی سلێمانی حەڤدەهەمین كۆبوونەوەی ئاسایی خۆی بۆ ساڵی خوێندنی 2016-2017 ئەنجامدا. لەو كۆبوونەوەیەدا
ئاگادارییەک بۆ سەرجەم ئەو کولێژ و بەشانەى سبەینێ تاقیکردەنەوەیان هەیە ئاگادارییەک بۆ سەرجەم ئەو کولێژ و بەشانەى سبەینێ تاقیکردەنەوەیان هەیە
 ئاگادارییەک لە سەرۆکایەتى زانکۆى سلێمانیەوە . سەبارەت بەو بەش و کۆلێژانەى سبەینێ (سێشەممە رێکەوتى14-3-2017) تاقیکردنەوەیان هەیە، سەرۆکایەتى زانکۆى سلێمانى بە پێویستى دەزانێت سەرجەم مامۆستا و فەرمانبەر

University of Sulaimani and it's staff are publishing a number of books with significant importance. You can see list of the books with detailed information in

University of Sulaimani Books Website

University of Sulaimani academics are publishing research papers in journals world wide, from science, nature and other highly ranked journals to other local and international journals.

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Mr. Muhammad Arf Muhammad

Mr. Muhammad Arf Muhammad ,Assistant Lecturer with MSc degree in Structural Engineering in Civil Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering has best lecturer profile for this week.his hard working and seriousness and fully completed profile make him outstanding.

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College of Administration and Economics

College of Administration and Economics website is our best College for updating, and arranging all of their websites and teacher profiles providing detailed information.

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