University of Sulaimani

Cisco Center

About the Center

The Cisco Local Academy was established in June 2008 at the University of Sulaimani. It is an academic training center dedicated to providing students with the necessary skills and certificates to excel in the field of networking and data communication, particularly through Cisco courses and technologies. This academy offers comprehensive and industry-leading classes and courses to prepare students for successful careers in networking. The center has a team of instructors possessing industry experience and Cisco certificates, who guide students through the details of networking concepts and technologies. They provide students with a solid foundation in different fields of computer subjects such as networking, security, and IoT principles, and facilitate hands-on experience in implementing and managing complex network infrastructures. Through the courses and training, students gain a deep understanding of network design, routing and switching, network security, wireless networking, and the Internet of Things. The Cisco academy plays an important role in getting a job in today’s competitive job market, as organizations prioritize candidates with relevant qualifications. By obtaining a strong foundation in networking, students become valuable assets to employers, contributing to the efficient management and optimization of network infrastructure while safeguarding against potential cyber threats.


The Cisco academy’s vision is aimed at improving our status as a teaching academy known for its excellence, discovery, and for attracting the best students, and changing the way students work, live, and learn.


The Cisco academy’s mission is to shape a bright future by creating unprecedented job opportunities for our students.

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