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Administration and Economics

The College of Administration and Economics is considered as one of the oldest colleges that were established in 1976, after eight years of the establishment of Sulaimani University in 1968. Due to the importance and reputation of this College, it was renewed in 1999 because of its significant impact on the society by influencing both Management and Economics fields, which are the most two vital aspects of business and social development in the workplace.

It has been deliberated as a one of the most essential Colleges that has a direct influence on all the level of society since the courses taught in this College focus on finding the suitable solutions for society’s daily problems. Considering that, it is quite obvious how this College impacts the development of the country and its future generations. It can be said that the duration of study in the college would be four years, in which the student is prepared theoretically and practically with specialized and supportive study materials throughout the academic stages for the marketplace. Through it, we seek to develop the mental and skillful abilities of the student, which will enhance the qualitative aspect of cognitive personalization. In addition, the college seeks to provide the teaching staff and entrepreneurs with a high level of efficiency, innovation, and professionalism.


- Building a pioneering college model capable of preparing and qualifying a graduate who is scientifically and practically qualified in a manner that is able to achieve his ambitions. - Upgrading the level of graduate studies and scientific research to serve the community and the environment efficiently and effectively so as to achieve sustainable development in the Economics, Statistics and Informatics, Accounting, Business Management and Marketing Management fields.


Our mission is to prepare scientific and academic circumstances via motivating the human abilities, finding the right solutions for economical and administrative issues and developing educational and social aspects in order to develop the student's personality.
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