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Environmental Sciences

The College of Environmental Sciences at the University of Sulaimani was established in 2020 to provide innovative programs of excellence in education, research, training, and services in various fields of the Environmental Sciences, including Natural Science, Water Science, Material Science, Renewable Energy, Natural Resources, and more. The college is dedicated to providing high-quality education and research opportunities to its students in order to prepare them for careers in a variety of scientific fields.

Currently, the college consists of one department, namely the Department of Environmental Sciences. The Department of Environmental Sciences, as a part of the college, focuses on studying the natural environment and its relationship with human society. It offers undergraduate and graduate programs in environmental science, ecology, conservation, and related fields. The college is guided by the principles of inclusiveness and integrity and aims to be a major source of future scientists, technologists, educators, and entrepreneurs who understand the meaning and importance of scientific ethics in a world of rapid scientific and technological change.


Our vision is to establish a leading and respected college that produces exceptional graduates, post-graduates, and researchers through high-quality education based on values and innovation, with a focus on interdisciplinary collaboration. Our graduates will be prepared to tackle current and future challenges in the areas of environmental science, water science, material science, renewable energy, natural resources, and other related fields, with a commitment to self-sufficiency, sustainability, and social improvement.


- Provide modern, vocational, and scientific education in terms of quantity and quality at the level of the needs of the Kurdistan labor market, both in the public and private sectors. It also works on natural resource protection as a culture in the community. - Develop, nurture, and empower the students to their full potential to cope with the environmental and different kinds of natural sciences challenges for achieving sustainable development.
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