University of Sulaimani

College of Humanities Education

Saidsadiq Campus

Humanities Education

The College of Humanities Education is an academic and scientific foundation. Ministry of higher education and scientific research has decided to establish it in 2014, based in Saidsadq , Kurdistan, Iraq. This College refers to the University of Sulaimani.
The main objective beyond the establishment of this College is that the students will be prepared well and to be specializing in their fields. Moreover, it enables and provides them with a great opportunity to get an excellent and appropriate job in private and public sectors when they graduate because their major is in education area. Students were first admitted to the faculty in 2014. The faculty consists of two departments, which are history and geography. The numbers of the students for 2014 is 121 that 66 of them are female and 38 of them are male.
TheCollege does not have its own building now, but it does have a four-year contract with the ministry of labour and social affairs. Therefore, ministry of labour and social affairs has provided a building for the faculty. The building consists of two floors including four lecture rooms and a computer lab. The administration departments are bureau of dean, personnel, accounting, statistics, registration, media, store, library, security and lecturer’s room. Moreover, it has a very immense photocopy room and cafeteria.


Our vision is to be the leading institution in the study of history and geography, recognized for our commitment to academic excellence, interdisciplinary inquiry, and global engagement. We envision a vibrant and inclusive learning community that fosters intellectual curiosity, creativity, and innovation in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the world around us. Our graduates will be prepared to be leaders in their chosen fields, as well as informed and engaged citizens committed to creating positive change in their communities and the world at large.


Our college, which at the moment consists of History and Geography Departments, is committed to providing students with a comprehensive, interdisciplinary education in the social sciences that promotes an understanding of the complexities of the world around us. Our mission is to cultivate a community of learners who explore the past, present, and future through critical inquiry, research, and analysis of historical and geographical trends and events. We strive to foster a culture of intellectual curiosity, diversity, and ethical engagement, preparing our graduates with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to be informed and engaged global citizens, who can effectively navigate the complexities of a rapidly changing world.
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