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In 2007, the College of Islamic Sciences was established, while the name of the college was Kurdistan College in the beginning. It initially operated under the auspices of the Ministry of Endowment and Religious Affairs, with a specific focus on nurturing and developing Imams and Preachers. Originally catering exclusively to male students, the college’s primary objective was to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to become moderate preachers capable of delivering religious speeches in support of the independent Kurdish cause.

Aim of college:

Our college aims to produce highly skilled graduates proficient in Islamic studies, with a specialization in the sciences of Quran, hadith, and shariah law. Our goal is to equip students with the necessary knowledge and expertise to pursue bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD degrees. These graduates will be prepared to serve in various capacities within the Kurdistan regional government, including roles as assistants, experts, and educators. Additionally, they will be qualified to teach in public and private schools, contributing to the advancement of Islamic studies within academic institutions.


Our overarching academic vision is dedicated to pioneering innovative interpretations and applications of Islamic sciences within a modern context. We aspire to broaden intellectual horizons, foster deeper understanding, and foster peaceful coexistence grounded in esteemed principles. Central to our mission is the preservation of the rich cultural heritage and moral traditions inherent in Kurdish culture, honoring the legacy of our people's history. Furthermore, we are committed to following in their footsteps of esteemed Kurdish scholars and intellectuals across various domains, including religion, science, nationality, and culture. Through modernizing religious discourse and steadfastly upholding the national identity, cultural integrity, and independence of the Kurdish people, we strive to contribute meaningfully to the advancement and prosperity of our society.


Our institution's mission is to foster a balanced intellectual approach, steering clear of isolationist tendencies and extremism while promoting inclusivity and respect for others. This commitment permeates our academic programs, curricula, and the conduct of all members of our community, including staff, students, and lecturers. Our primary aim is to equip students with a strong understanding of original Islamic thought, enabling them to effectively convey the message of Islam in a contemporary context. We strive to cultivate an environment conducive to learning and mutual respect among students, while also endeavoring to produce a cadre of experts in Islamic studies who can contribute to the promotion of peace and service within both governmental and non-governmental sectors in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and elsewhere.
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