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College of languages was founded in (1992-1993) and consists of these departments: Kurdish department, Arabic department, English department, Translation department, Persian department. The number of students of the school is 2150 students. 4289 students have graduated and received bachelor's degree in these fields: Kurdish language and literature, Arabic language and literature, and English language and literature. The aim of this school is to educate students in the specialties of Kurdish, Arabic, Persian and English languages and Translation in order to serve and raise the academics and linguistic knowledge in Kurdistan.


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College of languages is committed to developing students’ ability to communicate effectively in their target language, to conduct further study and research or pursue a career that requires advanced language skills, and to understand the complex world in which they will be citizens. In addition, our students are taught to approach literature from analytical and cultural perspectives that will prepare them for graduate study. Since the study of language and literature helps students cross-disciplinary and cultural borders as well as geographical ones, our students become culturally sensitive, develop a tolerance for ambiguity, think creatively about solving problems and communicate in diverse ways.
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