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College of languages was founded in (1992-1993) and consists of these departments: Kurdish department, Arabic department, English department, Translation department, Persian department. The number of students of the school is 2150 students. 4289 students have graduated and received bachelor’s degree in these fields: Kurdish language and literature, Arabic language and literature, and English language and literature. The aim of this school is to educate students in the specialties of Kurdish, Arabic, Persian and English languages and Translation in order to serve and raise the academics and linguistic knowledge in Kurdistan.


The main vision of the College of Languages is to teach and train experts and academics in the fields of language, linguistics, translation, various fields of literature, criticism, literary theory, and comparative literature, in accordance with the expertise of the scientific departments of the college. It is also to add scientific value to the field of research and enhance the level of research in the fields of language, linguistics, and literature, especially in the Kurdish language. Thus, serving Kurdish culture and familiarizing it with the world's cultures and languages, especially the languages of the neighboring countries (Arabic, English, and Persian), in addition to promoting the field of translation between Kurdish and these languages.


The College of Languages focuses on the ability of students to conduct research in various fields of language and literature in a skillful and effective manner through their mother tongues or their target languages in order to provide relevant employment opportunities. For this reason, linguistic and literary subjects are studied in a scientific and academic manner and analyzed accurately. Due to the fact that linguistics and literary subjects are the main parts of the humanities and are directly related to the consciousness of our society. Thus, through the college’s aim, conscious and responsible students who respect others’ different opinions are produced.
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