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College of Physical Education and Sport Sciences

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Physical Education and Sport Sciences

It established in the academic year of (2000-2001), contains two parts ( Physical Education and Basic Education), there are four stages to study , the total number of students are (687 ) .

preparation of teachers for the high schools with knowledge in physical, educational and social sides.
Working on the development of Sports in the country as all based on coordination with Ministry of Sports and Youth and the Olympic committee.
Contributing the dissemination of culture then working on making sports one of the important ways to make people close to each other.
Working on serving community by encouraging people to play sports to see it is effect on public health.

College Aims:
Growing individual according to educational, physical and scientifically.
Mixing sport with society's life.
The arrangement of professional and experiment in the sport field, for all stages of studying with sport clubs.
Developing Kurdistan Youth to participate in festivals, courses and sport international ceremonies to identify to the whole other natives on earth.
Limiting sport importance and its relationships with the other sciences, like : physics, chemistry, medicine and… etc.
Applying scientific researches for appearing their lacks and resolving the problems in all the field of physical education.
Trying for rising scientific level to reach the world standard to be at the first queue in service in our country.


To be the first in local and regional level in Physical Fitness. Prepare graduates to face Physical Education Labor Market in local level. To keep up with scientific research around the world. Offering and providing training and teaching services quality assurance.


Preparing the quality and capable leaders in Physical Fitness for the sake of rising up the levels of the schools sports and Physical Fitness and community health, also helping researchers in Sports Science field.
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