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The College of Science at the University of Sulaimani endeavors to be the premier source for science education in the Sulaimani local community and the Kurdistan region in general. The College attempts to be a regional center for science education and innovation which develops appropriate educational programs of high quality for the undergraduate program and creative and advanced postgraduate programs to satisfy the growing emerging needs of the region for qualified, skilled, and professional graduates.
The College has developed strong, well studied and continuously updated curricula that guide students through the theoretical and practical aspects of their chosen disciplines and provide them with sufficient breadth to understand and successfully meet the challenges of the rapidly changing society.
The College of Science is also committed to both basic and applied research with a special emphasis on areas of vital importance to Kurdistan. These researches are conducted within the college or as joint projects with other scholars from other institutions and are expected to have international standards and impacts. The College also regards research activity by both staff and students as being an integral part of the educational process and aims to provide an open and supportive research environment. In this regard, the College encourages student participation in research by conducting graduation research projects in their final year as an important requirement of the B.Sc. course.
The College also plays an important role in promoting and supporting the general public awareness and understanding of basic sciences, by maintaining mutual collaboration programs with local organizations and by providing support and specialized courses, lectures, and consultancy to different sectors of the local community.


Our vision is to be a leader in scientific exploration, innovation, and education. We strive to push the boundaries of knowledge and understanding in science, medical laboratory, and technology. Through cutting-edge research, hands-on learning experiences, and a collaborative and inclusive community, we aim to empower our students and faculty to make groundbreaking discoveries and advancements that will shape the future of our world. We are committed to fostering a passion for science, critical thinking skills, and a commitment to ethical and responsible scientific practices. Our ultimate goal is to inspire curiosity, drive innovation, and create a more sustainable world for all.


The mission of a College of Science typically revolves around providing high-quality education, conducting innovative research, and promoting scientific literacy and discovery. This includes fostering critical thinking skills, interdisciplinary collaboration, and a deep understanding of the natural and physical sciences. The college often aims to empower students to become competent and ethical professionals who can contribute to solving complex scientific challenges and positively impact society. Additionally, the college may seek to engage in outreach activities, cultivate diversity and inclusivity, and create partnerships with industry and other institutions to advance scientific knowledge and innovation.
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