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The College of Veterinary Medicine at Sulaymaniyah Governorate was established in 1995 after re-establishment of Sulaimani University in 1992, realizing the urgent need for adequate protection for livestock in the governorate from contagious diseases.

The college is an important resource for the biomedical, veterinary and public communities, contributing to:
Create a scientific environment that helps veterinary students to discover and apply the recent advances in veterinary medical knowledge and technology.
Provide advanced and continuous professional development through workshops, practical training courses, and scholarships that aim to refresh their scientific knowledge and to keep them updated with the recent advancements in the different fields of veterinary sciences.
Prevent transmissible diseases that impact human health and provide training in this regard to scientists, veterinarians, and students.
Disseminate veterinary knowledge among the public through professional education, research, and service in the broad discipline of veterinary sciences.

The College of Veterinary Medicine aims to:
Create a modern, qualified, five-year professional curriculum that educates the students in the broad field of veterinary sciences and prepares them for critical & analytical thinking and for life-long learning and professional growth. Graduates will be prepared to enter employment as entry-level veterinarians in the private, public, or corporate sector, or to proceed into postgraduate training programs.
Provide advanced clinical and research facilities to serve as a high-quality referral center in our region.
Provide up to date facilities including teaching and research laboratories to enhance the capabilities of the staff members and their assistants in academic and research processes in light of recent international trends.
Promote growth and excellence in scientific research in order to improve the health of animals, assure the wholesomeness of food animal products and contribute to the understanding of basic mechanisms of animal diseases.
Provide an intellectual and physical environment that encourages creativity and enhances academic and research activities.
Educate future academicians and research scientists by involving graduate students and residents in high-quality teaching and research programs.
Provide continuous education and consultation for veterinarians and the public in our Region.


The College of Veterinary Medicine at Sulaimani University aims to be a leading institution in veterinary and comparative biomedical education, in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, all over Iraq and worldwide. It aspires to be internationally recognized for its unique educational and research programs.


The mission of the College of Veterinary Medicine is to provide appropriate and assorted methods of teaching, laboratory practical work, clinical practicing, and research programs to graduate skilled veterinarians concerned with serving animals, people and the environment in our region, through: Protection of animal health. Promotion of public health. Alleviation of animal suffering. Conservation of livestock resources. Efficient and responsible animal husbandry.
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