University of Sulaimani


Unlocking access to on-campus residency

Through offering free dormitory housing to students, we support our dear learners in their pursuit of knowledge at the University of Sulaimani, and we make higher education more accessible to all students from the outer cities and towns.
By alleviating the financial burden (and the cost of daily transportation) of attending college, students staying in our dorms get the upper hand of focusing on their studies and extracurricular activities, which ultimately yields more effective and rewarding results.
Letting our students rest assured with peace of mind, we preserve their personal belongings and keep all the rooms secure and protected, by the virtue of valuing privacy.
As Most students rely on the internet for completing assignments, conducting research, and staying connected with family and friends, internet routers have been installed throughout our dormitory complex. We don’t take this for granted as Having access to high-speed internet has become indispensable in today's digital age.
Having a good amount of buildings for the leisure and safety of our students, the great number of rooms that are provided allow for students to spend their rest and nighttime comfortably. Each room allows for up to 4 students, furnished with the necessary furniture and equipment.
Through the accommodation of an area for cooking, which is shared by 4 to 5 rooms, students are cultivated in a sense of community and hospitality as they help each other out.
Having a quiet and convenient place to study might just be what some students need before examinations or for personal study. These halls are provided at each building of our dormitories.
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