The Effect of Some Activities Inside Water

The Effect of Some Activities Inside Water

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As a part of the postgraduate process and final stage of this study, the student Muhammad Mustafa Zahawy has done his viva on 1st .July.2015 in physical education school, he was supervised by Dr.Kazhal Kaka Hama Saeed. Actually, the discussion was marvelous and taken into account a scientific aspects around the student subject, the title of the dissertation is: {The effect of some activities inside water on some of physical performance, movements and freestyle swimming skills for age (9 -11) years}.

Fortunately, the thesis was approved by the discussion committee.


The discussion committee included:

1- Prof. Dr.Talib Hussen Hamza - Karbalai University (Head of the committee).

2- Asst. Prof. Dr. Hatm Sabir Qadir- Salahadin University (Member of committee).

3- Dr. Awat Ahmed Faqy - University of Sulaimani (Member of committee).