Administrative Performance and Pressure Training Profession

Administrative Performance and Pressure Training Profession

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As a part of the postgraduate process and final stage of this study, the student Hemin Hoshyar Kareem has done his viva on 2nd.July.2015 in the physical education school, he was supervised by Asst.Prof.Dr.Ali Qadir Othman. Honestly, He presented successfully the discussion and taken into account a scientific aspects for student subject, the title of the dissertation is: {Administrative performance and pressure training profession and its relationship with the psychological endure of collective sports manager in the Kurdistan region of Iraq

Fortunately, the thesis was approved by the discussion committee.


The discussion committee included:

1- Prof. Dr.Walid Hald Humam -Mosul University (Head of the committee).

2- Prof. Dr.Azima Abbas Ali- Salahaddin University (Member of committee).

3- Asst.Prof.Dr. Majed Xuda Yaxsh Asad - University of Sulaimani (Member of committee).


Therefore, we would like to say many congratulations and good luck for our students.