Physical Education Department signed a protocol with ASRT

Physical Education Department signed a protocol with ASRT

 Pave Jamil {}

In April 2015 the Director of Academic Scientific Research and Training (ASRT) Dr.Wisam AL-Shaikhli from the United Kingdom has visited University of Sulaimani/Physical Education School in order to sign a protocol with the Head of the School Dr. Ali Qadir Othman.

The goal of this protocol were further and future communication with professional team of (ASRT), which they are experts in the field of (Sport science - Sport Medicine – Physiotherapy and PH), to provide their knowledge in the academic form and presentation to the Physical Education staff and build a prospect of research collaboration.

Finally the head of school has thanked and gratitude their idea of support, he also welcomed the scheme. Thus, the visit concluded with the sign of the protocol for that motive and committed the school to the opportunity in order to improve the rank of Sport in the University and the region.