Frequently Asked Questions


Q.What's is a brief history of University of Sulaimani?

A.University of Sulaimani (UoS) was first established in 1968. In 1981, the former Iraqi regime transferred this academic establishment to the city of Erbil (Hawler) and the name was changed to become (University of Salahaddin). In 1992 University of Sulaimani was reestablished by tremendous efforts and enthusiasm of many Kurdish intellectuals and academics with the people of Sulaimani and was officially reopened on 14th of November.  (Read More)


Q.What are the available study areas (i.e. faculties, schools and departments) at UoS?

A. You can see the list of faculties, schools, departments of UoS here for undergraduate studies. Regarding postgraduate studies please visit UoS Postgraduate studies page.


Q.Where is University of Sulaimani located?

A. University of Sulaimani is in Sulaimani City, Kurdistan Region, Iraq. You can find exact location for each campus of UoS from our campus maps page.


Q.How I can send you news, events, reports and activities to be published in your website?

A. First of all we welcome any contributions to our website, however it's an obligation that the subjects should be related to University of Sulaimani in some way. You can send your subjects to our Web Media Team via ([email protected]), or in any other forms of available communication. (see contact us page)


Q.How I can send you my review, comments, suggestions and feedback about your website?

A. We appreciate any efforts towards improvement of our web presence. You can send your comments to ([email protected])  or see contact us page to add image into teachers profile, on the google site?

A. once you get into your account, click the edit pen on top right of the page, or press the letter (E) + Ctrl to load the editor, then choose any location until you see your cursor flashing, and on the top right of the page click insert >> image >> upload image >> browse your computer >> and click OK.