University of Sulaimani


A deep-rooted Academic Institution

The University of Sulaimani (UoS) has been at the forefront of education, creation and dissemination of knowledge, cutting-edge research, and innovation. Despite all the challenges it has encountered throughout its history, it has strived to educate generations of students, advance research in a diverse range of disciplines, and contribute to the economic growth of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Explore our history

When was the University of Sulaimani founded?

Following the tremendous efforts exerted by Kurdish intellectuals and politicians, including Late President Jalal Talabani, for the establishment of an academic institution in Sulaymaniyah, the Iraqi government founded the University of Sulaimani in 1968 pursuant to Act No. 143 of 1968. As a punishment for the unwavering resistance of the people of Sulaymaniyah against the tyrannical rule of the Ba'ath Regime, the University of Sulaimani was transferred from its original location to Erbil in 1981.

When was the University of Sulaimani reopened?

Following the University of Sulaimani’s transfer to Erbil, a dedicated high committee worked tirelessly to reopen the institution in Sulaymaniyah. Their commitment led to the university's reopening in 1992, laying the ground for its growth in academic opportunities and excellence. Since 1996, the University of Sulaimani has been recognized and referred to as the “Mother University”.

A Timeline of Key Incidents

Foundation of UoS

The University of Sulaimani, founded in Sulaymaniyah on October 23, 1968 pursuant to the Act No. 143 of 1968, is the oldest public university in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Its foundation was decided after negotiations between Kurdish delegates from Kurdish political leadership and officials in the Iraqi government of the time. On April 24, 1974, the University of Sulaimani’s campus in Qaladiza was bombed, and as a result a number of students were martyred.


UoS transfer to Erbil

To punish Sulaymaniyah’s courageous people for their constant strife against the Ba’ath Regime’s unjust rule, the University of Sulaimani was moved to Erbil by force in 1981 and its name was changed to Salahaddin University-Erbil.


Reopening of UoS

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) reopened the University of Sulaimani in Sulaymaniyah on October 31, 1992, and it opened its doors for students in November of the same year. A high committee supervised the reopening of the university, and Prof. Dr. Kamal Mohammed Saeed became the first president and chaired the university at the time.


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