The Vision and Mission of University

The Vision

• The University of Sulaimani is a center for knowledge and change in Kurdistan Region and Iraq. 

• The goal of this University is to become one of the top universities in the Middle East.



The Mission

• The University of Sulaimani considers itself a leading institution in Kurdistan Region and Iraq and works to prepare the unborn generations so as to secure a bright future for Kurdistan as well as Iraq.

• The University tries to provide the best training for the students to become inventors and participate in the processes of progress and development in this region.

• The University keeps on preparing qualified and trained staff for Kurdistan Regional Government directorates as well as for the private sector and it continues to enlighten this region, simultaneously, it remains the leader in the process of diverting the community through preparing graduates who are provided with science, knowledge and training.

• Among the principles of working in this university is to observe human rights, women’s rights, children rights, tolerance and democracy.