University of Sulaimani (UoS) new website has been launched

University of Sulaimani (UoS) new website has been launched

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In order to improve the university activities and connections, Office of Information Technology in University of Sulaimani has designed and produced the new formal UoS website depending on its local staff and knowledge, this new website can be accessed on both domains ( &

Today June 15, 2015 at 11.59am the university president (Prof. Salahalddin Saeed Ali) has launched the new website to the cyber space, in the presence of Office of Information Technology (OIT) manager (Rebaz Nawzad) and the team of the website development in the OIT building. Also the new website has a modern and advanced dynamic design, which is constructed and supporting from scratch by our own website team. this new website has the ability to present, contain and archive all the news, events, activities, videos, streams, galleries and etc…. of UoS.

Website feature:

1. Google apps for education

·Google site

·Google mail

·Google calendar

·Google classroom

·Google drive (document sharing)

2. Live streaming

3. SEO optimization

4. Speed optimization