30 Hungarian Scholarships announced

30 Hungarian Scholarships announced

 Application for Hungarian Scholarships is now open

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Kurdistan Regional Government announced 30 Scholarships offered by Hungarian Government to Kurdistan region. Successful candidates could study Bachelor, Master or PhD degree at one of the Hungarian universities.
10 Bachelor degree scholarships are available in the fields of:
Fields of Study
Electronic engineering
Computer Science
Irrigation engineering
Oil and gas management
Environmental Science
Water resource managment
Food technology
Art (Music)
 20 Postgraduate scholarships are available, in the following fields for Master degrees:
               Fields of Study                                 Accepts applicants from

1             oil and gas manangement                 economy, management , and law

2            water resources                                  ringgeology, agriculture, irrigation enginee

3            food technology                                 agriculture  , biology

4            Transportation engineering                civil engineering

5            Archeology                                         Archeology

6            Sustainable Engineering                     Civil Engineering and Architecture Engineering

7            communication and media                  Media

8            software engineering                           engineering computer science and sofware

9            radiotherapy                                         medicine, physics

10          Theology                                             Sociology, Islamic Studies, Philosophy, Anthropology 
The following fields for PhD degrees:
                 Fields of Study                                    Accepts applicants from

1               Petroleum engineering                        Petroleum engineering

2               oil and gas law                                     law

3               environmental science                         Biology, Environment, Chemistry and Agriculture

4               archeology                                           archeology

5               bank and finance                                 accounting, bank and finance and economy

6              Biomedical Science                             biology, medicine,pharmacolgy and veternary

7              Computer Science                               engineering  Computre science and software

8               pharmacy                                            pharmacology

9              Cultural Anthropology                        sociology

10           Theology                                               Sociology, Philosophy, Anthropology, Islamic Studies