The Department of Computer Engineering has been opened at the University of Sulaimani


On Tuesday, September 12th, 2023, the College of Engineering at the University of Sulaimani inaugurated the Department of Computer Engineering. The ceremony was graced by the presence of Prof. Dr. Kosar Mohammed, President of the University of Sulaimani, alongside his assistants, deans, and college lecturers.

The ceremony began with a panel highlighting the department's significance. Dr. Sirwan Rashid and Dr. Jaza Fayeq, along with lecturer Mr. Twana Saeed, discussed the department's importance as a new addition to the university. Following the panel, the President of the University, his assistants, and esteemed guests officially inaugurated the department.

Regarding this development, Dr. Sirwan Khurshid informed the university's website that the establishment of the Computer Engineering Department is the culmination of several years of dedicated efforts by the College of Engineering. This department has been created to address the market demand, and its graduates will be well-prepared for diverse computer-related career opportunities.

Furthermore, he emphasized that the College of Engineering possesses a strong infrastructure, including adequate teaching staff, lecture halls, and well-equipped laboratories. The university administration recognizes the significance of this department and has allocated a dedicated budget to support its development.

The College of Engineering's dean clarified that the Department of Computer Engineering will admit students through the Zanko-line system this year, and appropriate faculty members have been assigned to the department.

Additionally, Mr. Twana Saeed, a lecturer in the Department of Computer Engineering, emphasized that computer engineering is currently one of the most critical engineering disciplines with a rapidly growing market demand. He further highlighted that computer engineering encompasses a wide range of areas within computers and information technology. As a result, computer engineers, even when specializing in a specific domain, possess a comprehensive understanding and expertise across various aspects of computers and electronic systems.

He also stated, ‘Computer engineering, being a field with global standards, ensures that its graduates are readily accredited and recognized internationally without encountering any issues abroad. The decision to establish this crucial department was made with the sole purpose of benefiting students, in line with the University of Sulaimani's enduring commitment to pioneering innovations and providing valuable services to the city of Sulaymaniyah.’

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