The University of Sulaimani started a training course on Quality Assurance and the Bologna Process.


On September 11, 2023, the University of Sulaimani opened a two-day intensive training course on quality assurance processes and the Bologna Process. The course was intended for quality assurance directors and staff from six different universities.

Assistant Prof. Dr. Ava O. Fatah, the Director of Quality Assurance and Curriculum Development at the University of Sulaimani, announced that the university hosted a training course on quality assurance processes and the Bologna Process. The course was, inaugurated in collaboration with the NVAO organization and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, for Quality Assurance Directors and staff from six different universities.

Moreover, she emphasized that during the course, they extensively taught the significance and specifics of initiating and implementing the quality assurance process and the Bologna Process to the participants. This, she noted, would pave the way for establishing a robust network among universities, serving as a foundation for these processes within the universities in the future.

She added that the course lasted two days and was attendedprimarily by the directors and quality assurance staff of the universities, along with a number of students from the University of Sulaimani and Sulaimani Polytechnic University.

Furthermore, on the second day, the lectures were dedicated to discuss key aspects of external quality assurance, the role of external evaluators in quality assurance processes, and the significance of this process in accrediting or instilling confidence. At the end of the course, in the presence of Assistant Prof. Dr. Zana M. Hassan, the Vice President for Scientific Affairs and Postgraduate Studies, certificates were awarded to the participants.


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