Postgraduate Studies at UoS

After studying bachelor degree and graduating from an undergraduate course, one of the requirements for postgraduate studies is completed, as BSc is required for postgraduate study in most of the countries and UoS as well. Postgraduate study might be the ideal investment in reaching better career students – either strengthening knowledge and skills, or taking on a new direction. There are different types of postgraduate study at UoS, mainly MSc and PhD where both can be study and supervise here. The decision and planning for studying MSc and PhD study usually organized by ministry of higher education in corporation with the region universities, according to their requirements and expansions.

To enquire about the postgraduate study at UoS, candidates or student needs to contact the vice-president for scientific affair and postgraduate studies (Dr. Khasraw Abdulla). There are many profits to postgraduate study, it satisfying both personal and professional achievements, and also is an investment in student’s future. Continuing your studies can improve your job prospects – whether you want to further your existing career path or change direction.