University of Sulaimani

Student Feedback

Importance of Providing Meaningful Student Evaluation

Student feedback refers to the process of collecting information from students about their educational experiences. The information can be used to improve the quality of education and to help lecturers, colleges, and the university make better decisions.
At the University of Sulaimani, student feedback is not taken lightly, it acts as a lighthouse for overall assessment of the education system. In addition to external assessment and evaluation, our students’ observations are guidelines for the strengthening of the pillars which the university stands upon, namely; Teachers’ performance, course content and structure, campus facilities, and administrative services.
We collect the students’ feedback via an online questionnaire, which can be accessed through the following link, at the end of the seasonal year.

How we benefit from students’ comments

Students’ feedback is helpful to us in numerous ways. Through listening to our students and using their feedback for better judgement, we can enhance the quality of education, improve student engagement and retention.
Identifying areas for improvement
Enhancing student engagement
Supporting evidence-based decision making
Improving retention and graduation rates
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