University of Sulaimani

Sulaimani City

History of Slemani

Sulaymaniyah, locally known as Slemani, was founded by Ibrahim Pasha of Baban in 1784. In essence, it was built to become the capital of the Baban Principality and replace Qalachwalan since the prince was not able to attain the dream of expansion in this former capital. This was the reason that made Ibrahim Pasha build Sulaymaniyah and consider designing the fundamental features of a capital city; features such as building mosques, caravanserais (khan), grand bazaars (Qeyseri), bazaars, public baths, proper sewage system, and attention to the architecture of the buildings and houses.

City of Literature

Throughout the 20th century, Sulaymaniyah was the centre of journalism, literacy, intellectualism, and political activism. Nowadays, Sulaymaniyah has become a model and is awarded the title of “Capital of Culture”. The city has tens of archaeological sites and holy shrines, such as the Grand Mosque, Sulaymaniyah Serah, Sheikh Mahmud’s Governorship, the English Hospital, and many other sites.
In light of this history, Sulaymaniyah, which has enjoyed an intellectually diverse heritage, has positively affected the mentality of its people and turned it into a continuously dynamic city.

Modern Slemani

Now with a population of approximately 1.6 million people, the city has undergone significant changes and developments, particularly in its infrastructure and economy. Thanks to its rich cultural and historical heritage, Sulaimani has become a hub for art, literature, and music in the region. Despite facing political and economic challenges, Sulaimani has made significant progress in various areas, including education, healthcare, and technology. The city has also become a popular destination for tourists, attracting visitors from around the world to explore its natural beauty and cultural landmarks.
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