University of Sulaimani

University Structure

UoS Structure

At the top of the hierarchy is the university president, who is responsible for overall strategic planning and decision-making. Below the president, there are vice presidents, who oversee specific areas of the university such as scientific affairs, student affairs, and finance & adminstration.
Each academic department within the university typically has a department head who is responsible for overseeing the staff within that department, as well as managing the academic programs and research initiatives within the department. Staff members are typically organized into colleges, with deans or directors overseeing these larger academic units.
There are also various administrative and support units within the university, such as human resources, information technology, facilities, communications, which provide services to the rest of the university community.
Ultimately, the goal of the university organizational structure is to promote effective decision-making, clear lines of communication, and efficient use of resources to achieve the institution's mission of providing high-quality education and research opportunities to students and scholars.
Attached is the UoS oraganizational structure.
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